Girl Birthday Party Ideas - Color Pop in Sequins

Posted on May 02 2017

I LOVE themed birthday parties and have planned many of them over the years! But sometimes I think we over look the simply ideas. Many times just picking a color you love and focusing the party around a certain color can create the most beautiful birthday party for your little one! We have teamed up with some amazing bloggers, mompreneurs, and designers to bring you this blog post. Check out Mellumartistry and Catch My Party for their wonderful designs and ideas. 

First of all let's talk the about the dress. Obviously, this is my favorite part:) Start with something simple in your color. Add some flowers or simple accessories to match and you are set. This dress was perfect for this little ones party. 

gold sequin birthday girl dress with sparkle

Dress Ideas: Below are all some dress ideas from Marili Jean to use for your party. If you have a certain look or color you are going for just ask us! We would be happy to help with ideas and color combinations! 

toddler birthday party ideas, sequin birthday dresses for girl birthday

We have used a few large balloons before for photo shoots and it creates such a whimsical look. Instead of using 20 balloons in the classic size, try just one or two large balloons for a cute look! 

girl party ideas, first birthday, second birthday, third birthday, large balloon for party

Now let's talk my second favorite part of birthday parties...And that would be the cake of course! I usually start creating Pinterests boards with items I love. Or if you are like me and sometimes wait until the last minute because life gets ahead of you, I contact my local bakery last minute and plead with them to rush my order! 

girl birthday cake ideas, party ideas for toddler birthdays, food for birthday

Below is the final preview to the Color Pop Birthday Party we styled below. Sometimes you don't need to get all that fancy. Simply taking a cake from the grocery store and adding a gorgeous flower and a simple accessory will get you the look you need! 

cookies for girls birthday, color ideas for girl birthday

Fancy girl birthday party decorations, birthday cake, and party dresses for girls

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  • Nicole Precourt: May 07, 2017

    So beautiful

  • Ashley partin: May 06, 2017

    These dress are beautiful

  • Nicole cantone: May 05, 2017

    I love these simple but beautiful ideas. I have two girls and love planning their parties. Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Nicole cantone: May 05, 2017

    I love these great but simple ideas. I have two girls and love planning their parties. Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Loren Quarrie : May 05, 2017

    Everything about all of this is stunning ?

  • Christena Jackson: May 05, 2017

    Love these ideas and advice! My daughter’s 4th birthday is next month and our theme is dress as your favorite Disney character/princess. We got extra princess dresses in case a little girl didn’t have one but wanted to dress and by request of the parents I’m making the cake and cupcakes.

  • Tiffany: May 05, 2017

    This is absolutely gorgeous!! You’re right that dress is just stunning and pairs so well with the theme. I’ve always done themed birthdays for my daughter but never thought about the color being the theme! The extra large balloon idea I’ll definitely be doing this year!

  • Brittany: May 03, 2017

    I like the pink and gold combination. I am doing a twinkle twinkle little star theme for my daughters first birthday in June. :)

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