How to Plan A Minnie Mouse Dress Photo Shoot

Posted on April 11 2018

Our Minnie Mouse Dress is one of our most popular dresses for birthdays and photo shoots! We love to receive customer photos from their birthday parties and photo shoots! Today we are going to look at how to plan the Perfect Minnie Mouse Dress Photo Shoot. Whether you DIY in your own home or hire a professional photographer we are here to help! 

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First, you will need to pick your main color for your photo shoot or Minnie Mouse birthday party! Light pink is our most popular selling color, followed by red for a Minnie Mouse theme.

Once you have your Minnie Mouse Colors, let's look at the Minnie Mouse Background for the dress:) Here are a few of our favorites. 

Minnie Mouse Dress Background Photo Ideas

You can find most of these items on Amazon or Hobby Lobby. Balloons, Flowers, sheer drapes, Minnie Mouse banner or even fun loops with flowers in the shape of Minnie Mouse ears will pair perfectly with your Minnie Mouse Dress! 

Next, we searched Pinterest for our favorite cakes to pair with your Minnie Mouse Dress

1. A Minnie Mouse large cupcake is adorable for a cake smash for your little one! You can use a round cake pan with a pile of frosting to create your own or you can contact your local bakers, who can easily make one for you for your Minnie Mouse Birthday Party or Cake Smash

2. Cupcakes in the shape of the age your little one is turning is also a wonderfully simple idea. Again, a cheap and easy DIY Minnie Mouse cake idea

3. We love a simple fondant pink cake with dots. Adorable and easily coordinates with dotted balloons and the dots on our Minnie Mouse dress. 

4. Pink Chocolate covered Oreos is also a fun idea! You can use minnie Oreos for the Minnie Mouse ears too. Again, add some cute dots in your chosen color to match you Minnie Mouse Dress

5. Cake pops are all the rage:) I know some moms can make them, but I think for the effort it is easier to find someone local to make for you! But if you are a cake pop artist, go for it!!

Minnie Mouse Dress with matching cake ideas

Now for the Minnie Mouse Dress! We have so many colors to choose from! We are expanding our selection of colors for our Minnie Mouse dress due to popularity. 

Minnie Mouse Dress #1: Light Pink Tulle with black and white dot top

Minnie Mouse Dress #2: Bright Pink Tulle with black and white dot top

Minnie Mouse Dress #3: Red Tulle with lack and white dot top

Minnie Mouse Dress #4: Gold Tulle with pink and gold dot top

Minnie Mouse Dress #5: Bright Pink Tulle with white and pink dot top

Minnie Mouse Dress #6: White Tulle with red and white dot top

Minnie Mouse Dress #7: Purple tulle with white and purple dot top  (coming soon!)

As you can see we have many colors to choose from for your upcoming birthday party to match your Minnie Mouse Party theme! 

Minnie Mouse Dress for birthday party

Minnie Mouse Dress for birthday party

Don't forget to check out our entire Minnie Mouse Collection for shoes, headbands and other accessories. 



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