Posted on April 13 2017

Now that I had officially started my business, our next question was how do we get our products out to customers. As a small family business, we didn't have the thousands of dollars laying around to hire someone to work on PR. It was me. 

In the beginning, I traveled every week to local markets and craft fairs with our products, I went door to door to local boutiques, cold called stores across the county, created mailing catalogs, and basically anything I could think of that was low budget and would get our name out there. Some were successful, but as in most everything in starting a small business, 1 door opens for every 100 doors that close (or slam in your face:)! 

In October 2010, I decided to attend a large Children and Baby Trade Show in Las Vegas. I shared a small 8 x 10 booth space with another female business entrepreneur. Let me just tell you...these trade shows are expensive! Even sharing this one small space, I think we spent over $5000! That is a lot of money to a small business starting out, with no guarantee on a return. Just to rent a folding table at these events is $300!!! BUT THEN...

Dannielynn Birkhead and Larry Birkhead were at the tradeshow and took notice of Marili Jean! Dannielynn even modeled one of our hats. Celebrity endorsement can mean a lot to a small business! So to sum up our first year, it was a lot of work and we learned a lot. On the next blog I will be sharing some of our MAJOR mistakes during the first few years! There were a few!!

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