Minnie Mouse...Ohh So Cute!

Posted on May 09 2017

Our Minnie Mouse Dress and accessories is one of our best sellers! This week we have put together for you some ideas for a Minnie Mouse birthday themed party for your little one. You can adjust colors from all these ideas to suit the colors of your choice. We know planning a party can take a lot of time and mommy dedication -so we are hoping to make it more simple and easy!! We want to thank many of our favorite bloggers for their inspiration and photos! Please see photo credits at the bottom of this blog!

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Food Ideas

1. Purchase pre-made Rice Crispy treats, some pink melting chocolate (you can find at Hobby Lobby, Michael's or online at Amazon), some straws & sprinkles. Dip, Stick, Sprinkle & Done:) 
2. Minnie Mouse Oreos: You will need full size Oreos, small Oreos, pink melting chocolates, and white and pink small icing tube for dots and bow. Dip half the Oreo in the melted pink chocolate, use icing to attach the small ears, and decorate with the small icing tube to add dots and bows. Viola - Minnie Mouse Oreos!!
3. Minnie Mouse Cupcakes: I think I would make this one easy. Order some cupcakes from your local grocery store or bakery with pink frosting and add the small Oreos.
In my mind, the simpler the better! 

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas, Minnie Mouse Cake and Party Decoration

1. Chocolate Pretzel Rods: Probably my favorite. And if you can't tell I tend to like chocolate:) But I love this one because it is so easy. All you need is pretzel rods, some wax paper and some melting chocolate. Melt the white chocolate, dip in pretzel rods, place on wax paper, and drizzle on the pink chocolate. Place in a cute serving dish or glass and you are DONE!
2. I love chocolate cover strawberries. Simply dip the strawberries in pink melted chocolate and that is IT! Place on a tiered cake stand to create a dramatic look! EASY. 
If you can't tell I like EASY. With 3 kids, as we all know life gets a little hectic. 
3. For the drinks I like to use strawberry lemonade. Mason jars with the lids are great for kids. I just bought some felt - created a bow template - and glued the bow directly on the straw. Once you have one to use as a template the rest goes pretty quick. 

Minnie Mouse Birthday Hat Party Ideas Pink with black pom pom

I love this simple hat idea. I found the pink polka dot hat here on Amazon. The bow cut outs on Amazon here. I could only find 2" pompoms on Amazon. Maybe they sell larger ones other places, but these seemed to work. 

Light Pink Minnie Mouse Dress, Minnie Mouse Birthday Headband, Minnie Mouse Birthday shoes for toddlers


Finally the apparel. We LOVE our Minnie Mouse dress. Size 12mth thru 4T. Add on the matching Minnie Mouse headband and coordinating toddler Minnie Mouse shoes to complete the look. Ohh and don't forget to send us pictures of your party. We love to see our fans in our Marili Jean dresses at their parties! We have other colors as well available in Minnie Mouse red, and Minnie Mouse bright pink!

Minnie Mouse Red Birthday Party Dress, Red Minnie Mouse Shoes, minnie mouse ear headband

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas, Minnie Dress

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas Minnie Mouse Dress #minnie


 A special thanks to the following Blogs for Ideas and Inspiration! 

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  • Tasha Miller: May 10, 2017

    I love these Minnie Mouse ideas and might borrow a few for my daughter’s first birthday in August!!

  • Angela McDougall: May 10, 2017

    Everytime this dress pops up on my screen, my 3 year old says please mommy can I get that dress? Maybe for her birthday!!! Great party ideas!!

  • Rania R: May 10, 2017

    Wow, so creative. My daughter will turn 1 years old in October. I love the cool ideas.

  • Rina: May 10, 2017

    They are all great ideaa. We made minnie chocolate covered apples with Oreos for ears. They were a hit.

  • Casey Varnado: May 10, 2017

    LOVE these ideas!

  • Deanna Knudsen-Brainerd: May 10, 2017

    Love the Minnie Mouse dress I purchased for my daughters 2nd birthday. First time purchasing from marili Jean and it won’t be the last!

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