Starting Up...

Posted on April 07 2017

Gosh. It has been 7 years since I started Marili Jean Accessories! I remember it first started after having my daughter. I had a girl after having two boys - and don't get me wrong, being a mom to boys is amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything. But all of a sudden being pregnant, knowing I was having a girl, opened up a whole new world of clothing. ACCESSORIES! Long story short, I just couldn't find the accessories I wanted with the quality and price. Hence, Marili Jean Accessories was born! 

I have always had an entrepreurial spirit I think now looking back. I LOVE owning my own business and taking on that challenge. BUT it is NOT easy. I knew NOTHING about retail (sorry for all the capitals there, but I just wanted to emphasize I had no training!). I had a Master's degree, but I don't think I took a single business course in any of those 7 years!

In the beginning, I spent many late evenings at the computer researching. Not quite sure how I did it now looking back, as I had a 3 years old, 2 year old and a newborn at the time. I think I was already sleep deprived. So I figured, what is a little bit more sleep deprivation?!?!??

But after figuring out business licensing, taxes, and all the logistical pieces of opening a business the next part was the product and marketing. I designed some accessories that I loved, sent them to potential manufactures, and received some samples. After a few trial periods, I had about 10-12 different hat and accessory samples. We were ready to manufacture. That was a leap of faith. Putting all your money into this one company to manufacture and ship you a product, knowing there wasn't anymore money to put in if this didn't go well, was nerve racking none the less. But I did it!!! 

I had a website (although I wish I had a screen shot of our first website, it would looking nothing like websites today!), a product, and a few images that I took myself. Now I was ready. My next question was, how do I get people to know about our products??? I will be answering that on our next blog post! For for some entertainment, below are some pictures I took in the beginning for our website. Yep - just me, a point and shoot camera, and zero editing and photography skills (quickly I realized I need a photographer!!!)! 



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