Tea Party Birthday Party Ideas

Posted on April 04 2018

Tea Party Birthday Party Ideas! 

Tea Party Birthday Party Ideas Decorations

For today's post, we search Pinterest for our favorite ideas for a tea party.  Ordering paper flowers from Amazon is an easy way to quickly decorate for any party. Check out our post on our Unicorn Spa Party for full details. Flower from Hobby Lobby at the 50% off sale is also always a bonus! 

Tea Party Birthday Party Ideas Table Decorations

I also LOVE the idea of visiting your local thrift store every so often for vintage cups and vases. Love this beautiful teapot. You never know what you will find! 

Tea Party Birthday Party Idea Foods

I love the idea of candy necklaces and bracelets. I believe you can even pick them up often at your local dollar store. Make your own cupcake bar (found here), or Edible Glitter Ice Cream Cone (found here), or Adorable sugar teapot cookies from your local bakery is always quick and easy! 

Tea Party Birthday Party Ideas Activities and Favors

You can order these adorable white tea ceramic cups on amazon as well as these paint markers. A really fun idea for kids to make their own tea cup! And you have your party favor for them to take home all in one! The Doilies you can easily pick up at the dollar store and the kids can decorate these as well! They LOVE it! 

Tea Party Birthday Party Ideas DIY Floppy Hat

Okay, so this is my FAVORITE idea for the party I put together. Order a cheap lot of floppy hats, pick up some colored feathers and large flowers (again thru Amazon or Hobby Lobby while on sale), and have the kiddos decorate and make their own tea party floppy hat! Such a cute idea and the pictures are AMAZING! 

Tea Party Birthday Party Ideas Alice in Wonderland Jewelry Bar

Having a Jewelry Bar for your Tea Party or Alice in Wonderland Party is fabulous. You can pick up the ice cream barrettes here and the rest can easily be found cheap on Amazon or the Dollar Store. I think this was the kids favorite part! Between the Jewelry Bar and the DIY Tea Party or Alice in Wonderland hat the kids will consider the party a success! And pretty easy on mom! 

Tea Party Birthday Party Ideas Dress

And of course the dresses! Look at this tea pot dress we just brought in. Whether your little girl is the birthday girl or an attendee at a tea party birthday party or Alice in Wonderland Party we have you covered! These adorable unicorn dresses are also a HUGE hit! 

Tea Party Birthday Party Dress Ideas Alice in Wonderland

Tea Party Birthday Party Ideas Dress Alice in Wonderland




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  • Monique Frazer: May 18, 2018

    I received the unicorn dress today and it is awesome my little five year old granddaughter is just going to love it for her birthday party you do awesome work

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